Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is gona be a big one: cartoons, hugs, Satan, alternate reality game, Congress, motorcycles, physics, AND sex

Phew. And-a-here-a-we-a-go!

Have you ever wanted a giant list of uploaded cartoons from old to new-ish? Good, here you go.

is the best thing I've watched in a long time, it made my girl cry... FREE HUGS 4 LIFE!

WHY do/did we all HAVE to go to school? I KNEW IT! It was.... [echo] SATAN!

An Alternate Reality Game is a very valuable resource for the advertising community because it supplants a storyline (where people have fun) inside of the real world (where people spend). So here's the secret weapon I have... crap, now it's not so secret... wait no one reads this.

Find your congressman, AND what he/she's voted on lately. WOW! But oh wait, Mark's gone already. Shucks.

Motorcycle safety jacket + ninja roll. Gangster.

So, pretty soon we'll all have laptops with holographic projection like Jay-Z in that commercial and Minority Report. I can't wait. OH, check this out!

This commercial makes me feel all funny. I like it. It's for Double A Paper. Double Quality Paper. Proceed if you like the sexy funny.

"And that's the Ricki Henderson Bi-iiit!"
-David Cross

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